GreenTec develops the new process called GasTec ,which combine with dry-filter, carbon fiber filter, turbine-scrubbers, and Iron-exchange technologies, to achieve Zero-Pollution goal.
MultiTec system is the unique system in the world, producing no air pollution or ash to be landfilled. .
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    GreenTec has cooperated with NASB to develop the new Plasma technologies in the waste treatment field and Nano-material production since 2002.
    GreenTec has started offering several types plasma torch to the customers from 2005, such as DC Plasma Jet from 20KW to 2MW, AC Plasma Jet from 100KW to 500KW, Plasma Arc from 100KW to 1MW.

Our Mission is to solve the current enviornment problem producing no 2nd- environment-pollution waste treament technology. It is designed to answer the global problem of waste management of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), green waste and tires, waste plastic, hospital waste, fly ash, waste glass, EAF ash, and any kind of toxin waste while providing high recycled-content products and useable forms of power.