GreenTec develops the new process called GasTec ,which combine with dry-filter, carbon fiber filter, turbine-scrubbers, and Iron-exchange technologies, to achieve Zero-Pollution goal.
MultiTec system is the unique system in the world, producing no air pollution or ash to be landfilled. .
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MultiTec System is designed for replaced the incinerator and the landfill.
The principle is to convert Waste to the valuable products. MultiTec System
is the production line. The Raw material of MultiTec is waste so that the
competition of the by-products is strong and very profitable.


The following waste can be treated in MultiTec System:

  1. Waste Rubber, Tire, Cable, Wire
  2. Waste plastics, Styrofoam products
  3. Organic waste
  4. Non organic waste
  5. MSW
  6. Hospital Waste
  7. Toxin Waste like battery, organic solvent,Dioxin waste..etc.
  8. Industries Waste like waste glass, waste lamp,waste electronic
    products ..etc.
  9. Fly ash, EAF ash
  10. Medical waste, waste drugs
  11. PCB
  12. Low Level Radioactive Waste
  13. Waste sludge, waste oil,

Metal refinement

MultiTec can produce the high quality and profitable products.
These products are matched the standard of industries
The following by-products can be produced by MultiTec
and based on the customer's requirement:

  1. Fuel gas, Fuel Oil
  2. Fertilizer
  3. Building Products
  4. Electricity
  5. Glass-ceramic products
  6. Micro or Nano-materials
  7. Silicon
  8. Recovery metal like Iron, Zn
  9. Active Carbon
  10. Drinking Water
  11. Salt for industries
  12. Steam